Overview of DIR


About DIR

“DIR” is a collection of databases which combines the rich amount of information and the quality that corresponds to the various purposes of use, made possible with maintenance by pharmacists and staff with specialized skills as well as original information processing technology. DIR, through constant progress, provides medical information in the form of a database, contributing to the promotion of “Informatic Medicine”, information in support of health and treatment of diseases.

Features of DIR

Provide Latest Information
Promptly acquiring the latest versions of package inserts of drugs, updated daily, dedicated pharmacists and staff with specialized medical and IT skills conduct the maintenance of the databases and make effort to prompt data creation. The databases containing the latest information each month is provided and some of the databases are capable of real-time data transmission, processing information and making it available as it is acquired.
Large Accumulated Information and Polished Quality
The coverage and quality of the information that we have accumulated since 1990 is far superior to the numerous other pharmaceutical product information databases available. DIR covers the medical information contained in package inserts to about 22,000 ethical drugs and about 12,500 OTC drugs as of April 2021.
The voice of many customers is fed back, and databases are promptly developed to meet clinical needs, enabling thorough searches and checks with maintenance by specialized knowledge.
Abundant Line-up and Easily Combinable
Through tireless efforts in research and development, DIR has grown to more than 50 various databases. Flexible combinations of these databases enable various activities for various purposes, such as checking of prescriptions and insurance reimbursement, as well as patient compliance instructions on treatment regimens. DIR may also be used for analysis/research using a drug information database as well as medical business consultation.
Compatible with the Standardization of Medical Information
The terms and codes of drugs and diseases used in our databases are compatible with the terms specified by the MHLW and the standard codes used in the healthcare industry, which enable efficient system operations as well as coordination with other systems.

Top Level Implementation Record

DIR has been implemented in various systems used at medical facilities, including electronic charts, electronic drug histories, and receipt computers. It has an implementation record that is top class in the industry, about 46,000 facilities nationwide as of the end of March 2021, and has been earning high reputation from many medical care providers and system vendors.
DIR is also used for research related to pharmaceutical products conducted at universities and other public institutions.

Merits of DIR Implementation

Risk Management
Flexible database combinations enable various platforms to ensure safe and appropriate prescriptions and dispensing.
Increase the Efficiency of Tasks
Databases incorporating activities of physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals contribute to the streamlining of services in medical institutions, and improve the quality and quantity of patient services.
Handling of Insurance Claims
Databases compatible with queries from authorities in charge of reviewing health insurance payments will support your receipt validation process needed for appropriate insurance claims.
Strengthen Work Collaboration
Databases in consideration of universality, e.g., usage of standard codes, enable the strengthening of business corporations with organizations, both within and outside medical institutions.
  • ●Internal: Diagnostic division⇔pharmacy division⇔medical accounting division⇔nutrition division⇔testing division, etc.
  • ●External: Collaboration between hospitals, collaboration between hospitals and clinics, collaboration between hospitals and pharmacies, collaboration between pharmacies, regional medical collaboration, etc.
Usage in Non-clinical Areas
Usage of DIR is not restricted to clinical areas. DIR may also be used for offering drug information on websites, diversified big data analysis and research, as well as consulting on medical business management such as optimal account management and inventory control.

DIR’s Original Information Processing Technology

On package inserts of drugs, there are many cases where even synonyms are used in differing expressions. In DIR, synonyms with different expressions are linked together (creating a thesaurus), ensuring that there are no omissions in the check or search results. Terms and clauses used in package inserts are marked up based on a certain set of rules and are categorized for each content, and the extracted/categorized terms and clauses are put together in a thesaurus, and then, indexed in connection with each drug and standard master file.
For instance, “Stevens-Johnson syndrome” and “Oculomucocutaneous syndrome” are connected as a synonym, and accordingly, search results on these terms would not be different upon searching for drugs associated with these terms as an adverse reaction.

Supported by our detailed maintenance cultivated over the years and our original information processing technology,
“DIR” pharmaceutical information databases are equipped to meet your needs.